Continuing education (CE) is a requirement for certified claims administrators. CE courses are designed to increase your knowledge or skill regarding the administration of workers' compensation claims under Title 51 RCW.

Three-year cycle

Certified claims administrators must maintain certification through CE over a 3-year cycle that begins on the anniversary of their certification. You must earn 45 credits every 3 years. All CE credits earned within that 3-year period will apply to the current cycle (WAC 296-15-360).

Continuing Education

Continuing education criteria

Credits are earned in the following subject areas in accordance with WAC 296-15-350:

  • Workers’ compensation subjects that help workers heal and return to work, and focus on areas of recovery.
  • Existing or historical workers’ compensation statutes, case law, rule, or L&I policy.
  • New developments in workers’ compensation, such as, but not limited to, changes in statute, case law, rules, or L&I policy.
  • Injury prevention and safety. (This subject is limited to 5 of the 45 credits earned for each 3-year cycle).
  • The 45 credits must include all trainings that we designate as mandatory.

The Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) advises L&I on the number of credits a course will be given. If you do not earn enough CE credits within the 3-year cycle, you will be required to retake the written test to maintain L&I certification.

Mandatory classes

Certain classes are designated by L&I as mandatory. In order to maintain certification through CE, you must attend all mandatory classes.

Classes given by L&I regarding important changes such as new statutes, rules or case law are likely to be designated as mandatory. Notifications of upcoming mandatory classes are provided through L&I's email bulletin updates.

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