Manufactured home forms and publications

Manufactured/Mobile Home Permit Application (F622-036-000)
Your Manufactured/Mobile Home (F622-049-000)
Spanish version (F622-049-999)
Changes to your manufactured or mobile home (F622-091-000)
Replacing the roof on your manufactured or mobile home (F622-092-000)
Spanish version (F622-092-999)
Repairing damaged trusses or rafters on your manufactured or mobile home (F622-094-000)
Spanish version (F622-094-999)
Replacing the siding on your manufactured or mobile home (F622-093-000)
Spanish version (F622-093-999)
Adding an addition, deck, awning, or porch to your manufactured or mobile home (F622-095-000)
Adding or changing the openings in the exterior or centerline walls of your manufactured or mobile home (F622-096-000)      Spanish version (F622-096-999)
Installing sheetrock/drywall on the walls or ceiling of your manufactured or mobile home 
(F622-099-000)     Spanish version (F622-099-999)
Repairing the floors in your manufactured or mobile home (F622-100-000)
Spanish version (F622-100-999)
Installing solar panels on your manufactured or mobile home (F622-098-000)
Spanish version (F622-098-999)
Minimum Header Structural Requirements for Manufactured Home Alterations (F622-080-000)
Spanish version (F622-080-999)
Alteration Re-Roofing for Low Slope Roofing (F622-039-000)
Alteration Fire Safety Pre-Inspection Checklist (F622-011-000)
Spanish version (F622-011-999)
Decertification of Manufactured and Mobile Homes (F622-063-000)
Agency Requested FAS Inspection Application (F622-090-000)
Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Pre-Inspection Checklist and Start Up Affidavit (F622-014-000)
Alteration Polybutylene Re-Pipe Pre-Inspection Checklist (F622-053-000)
Copper Tubing Gas Line Pre-Inspection Checklist (F622-046-000)
Electric / Gas Conversion Pre-Inspection Checklist (F622-013-000)
Flood Damaged Manufactured Home Checklist (F622-040-000)
Gas Piping Test Affidavit (F622-048-000)
Gas Room Heaters Pre-Inspection Checklist (F622-045-000)
Is it a Manufactured / Mobile Home? (F622-043-000)
Low Voltage Fire / Intrusion Alarm Checklist (F622-038-000)
Steel or Wrought-Iron Gas Line Pre-Inspection Checklist (F622-044-000)
Wood / Pellet Stove / Fireplace Pre-Inspection Checklist (F622-015-000)