Elevator Safety Advisory Committee (ESAC)

The ESAC’s purpose is to advise and work with the Program on all matters regarding how the elevator industry and its stakeholders are affected. This includes the adoption of laws, rules, and codes that apply to conveyances, methods of enforcing and administering this chapter, and matters of concern to the conveyance industry and to the individual installers, owners and users of conveyances.

The Director appoints the Elevator Safety Advisory Committee members to 4-year terms. These members represent the industry as a whole and are whom you can communicate with when you have needs or questions. The committee meets on the third Tuesday of February, May, August, and November of each year.

To get involved with elevator industry issues or speak with someone regarding a concern or idea, contact your elevator industry representative below:

Upcoming Elevator Safety Advisory Committee Meeting:

Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Time: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Stakeholder portion begins at 8 a.m.)

Location: Virtually on Teams

Agenda is subject to change.

Questions: ElevatorSect@Lni.wa.gov



  • Representative of Owner-Employed Mechanics Exempt from Licensing and ESAC Chair
  • Ad Hoc Member and ESAC Vice-Chair
  •  Representative of Registered General Contractors
  • Representative of Licensed Elevator Contractors
  •  Representative of State Government and ESAC Secretary
  •  Representative of Building Owners and Managers
  • Representative of Registered Architects or Professional Engineers
  • Representative of Elevator Mechanics Licensed to Perform All Types of Conveyance Work
  • Representative of City of Seattle
  •  Representative of City of Spokane
    • Dermott Murphy, City of Spokane (Primary)
      Phone: 509-710-7555
      Email: dgmurphy@spokanecity.org
    • Duane Leopard, City of Spokane (Alternative)
      Phone: 509-625-6129